Garden Walk at the home of Dorothy and Joe Robin

This 3 acre lovely yard has open space, forest walks, a pond, and a temporary river, “our Niagara Falls!”.  This previously abandoned house and land are now lovingly tended and include many diverse native gardens, including sun, woodland/shade, hummingbird, butterfly, and pond-side.  Hear stories about strangers & friends who helped inspire us about native plants, stories about the flood zone B property, and more.  Stroll, linger, sit and enjoy, while you engage all the senses, and take in the diverse and beautiful gardens.
Dorothy and Joe Robin welcomed us to their home and Dorothy gave a very good explanation of the many varied ecosystems on their property. We all socially distanced ourselves and with the help of a portable sound system Dorothy was able to communicate with us and we could all hear what she had to say. She knew her plants well and explained how they flourished in their particular habitats. If you missed the walk you can enjoy the photos below.