Walk on the Wild Side — April 26, 2020, 3:00 pm


Walk #1: The Schietzelt property, formerly Bill and Ardath Wingate’s property, Hosts: Randy and Nancy Schietzelt

As the springtime carpets the woodlands with the blues of Virginia Bluebells and the yellows of Celandine Poppies you are invited to walk our forest trails. Whether you’re exploring the pine forest in the front yard or the hickory-oak forest in the back, there will be many species of spring ephemerals to seek out. Wild Geraniums, Trilliums, Wild Ginger, Jack-in-the-Pulpits, and Mayapples will be just some of the wildflowers blooming. This property, once the home of Bill and Ardath Wingate, definitely puts on the best show in the spring. Come see it!

Directions: Take Walkup Rd. north out of Crystal Lake. Driveway is on the left (west) side, just north of Hillside Rd. Parking space is limited. If you are able to walk a short distance, please park on Vermont Trail, north of the driveway (the street with the covered bridge). That will leave the few driveway parking spaces available for those that need them.