Walk On The Wild Side — Groat Property, June 20, 10 am

The home of Debbie and Ted Groat

Event has been cancelled

As a member of the first mentoring class of the WPPC I began to add native plants to my already existing gardens in 2005. Beginning with prairie plants and then expanding to native woodland species, I soon learned about the habits of my new plants and the benefits that come with them.One of those benefits is increased bird and insect activity which I’ve enjoyed photographing. Seeing an increase of monarch caterpillars on my native milkweeds I began raising  butterflies about ten years ago. The summer of 2019 proved to be a great season for this effort.  I successfully released 160 healthy monarchs, many of which were tagged and sent on their way to Mexico!  I hope to have eggs, caterpillars and chrysalides to share with you. Fingers crossed!

My ever-evolving yard challenges my determination to avoid the use of weed control products on my half-acre property.  I hope you will enjoy seeing what one person can do with a relatively small yard to promote the use and benefits of native plants

Directions: Valerie Drive runs east and west from Rt. 31 and Pingree Rd. and is located between Rt. 14 and Crystal Lake Ave.
From Rt. 31 go west on Valerie Drive to 4813.