4th Annual Seed Expo

The 4th Annual Seed Expo will be held at the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center on Feb 1, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The event is co-hosted by the Round Lake Area Garden Club and the Round Lake Area Library. WPPC will be there to inform people about native plant gardening, and provide details about our Natural Landscape Seminar.  There will be a number of other exhibitors as well as educational sessions.
Admission to the event is free, as are many of the seed packets. There will also be a bake sale and a raffle.
If you enjoy vegetable gardening, as well as native plant gardening, they will have many categories of edible plant seeds.  Greens, veggies, herbs, grains, and fruit.  They also have seeds for conventional gardens.  All the packets are well-labeled and have a photo of the plant.  It’s an event worthy of your time.
Several photos from last year’s seed expo are included.
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